In addition to the novels, Selectacorp has created many supplementary materials for the Company man project.


There is some interactive fiction:

A week with Debbie has it’s own page on the site

AGATHA Shopping Adventure simulation. A short, interactive simulation where you (and AGATHA) manage Debbie on a lunch break shopping safari. You only have 30 minutes and, depending on the shopping mission you select, a certain budget. Download here, or play online.

Evenings with AGATHA… another interactive experience showcasing the omnipresent AGATHA. Download here, or play online.


A selection of written material with embedded multimedia can be found here:

An Artemis Look booklet – all new admin staffers would receive this Look Book to stay within Artemis corporate dress code guidelines!

Deportment & Conduct Guide- Mandatory reference for all new admin hires! 

Artemis Harassment Seminar. Note– it is a GIF file, so open in a browser and give it time to roll through

An overview of the Artemis Diversity & Sensitivity policy to admin staff.  The subject of enforced lesbian/bi is one I’ve wanted to tackle in more depth for some time. The best way to do this is with this supplemental approach instead of an in-depth discussion in the textual narrative.

Artemis Admin Onboarding Guide- In an attempt to ‘normalise’ changes, organisations use documents, presos and the like to give an imprimatur on their own credibility and authority– this is a brochure that would be given to a new Admin hire:

Secretary/Planning: “EXEC2SEC: Coping with your Career Course Correction.” You have been invited to attend a presentation by Debbie Jones,Note: if you have received this invitation, please note your attendance in MANDATORY. A gif so give it a moment to load.

Finally, there is an extensive library of images and posters illustrating the changing world of Artemis Systems.

They can all be seen on the forum thread or, if you prefer, downloaded in poster packs—parts one, two, three, and four.