Novels by Selectacorp

His first novel, Earthly Masters, is based on the Spoils of War games and can be downloaded in various formats for free or read with embedded multimedia online.

His second novel, Company man, is based on the Corporate Raider games and is now available for kindle on Amazon.

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A novel of peoples and their places reversed set in the near future


Deborah Jones is on the fast track. With a ‘can do, get it done’ attitude, a freshly minted MBA from a prestigious business school and wholesome ‘Girl Next Door’ looks admired by men and women alike, the world is her oyster. With single minded ambition, she’s managed to land a coveted spot in the Management Trainee Program in one of the hottest hi-tech companies. Artemis Solutions Systems is the company everyone is talking about and everyone wants to work at— an innovator with a core competency in empowering female professionals through personal technology. Founded and led by Jennifer Page, a proud advocate of feminist values, Artemis is exactly the kind of place Deborah has always wanted to launch her career at.

But timing is everything—and for once in her life, Deborah’s timing may be badly off. The collision between Deborah and Hunter Downe will signal the beginning of a calculated campaign that will upend the well laid plans of everyone around them.