Corporate restructuring

Five part series covering the conditioning of female executives at a multinational social media giant. A major corporate restructuring effort undertaken by Selectorcorp to insure improper male-female relations will no longer degrade morale

Stage: Preparation

Selectacorp takes a 5% stake as payment for providing expertise in female management. The chief HR officer is cured of her silly notions of female independence and put to work procuring and taming office girls to service their male betters.

Stage: Selection

With the head of HR tamed as a good little gender traitor the process of transforming Splatter into a proper male-lead firm can begin. From now on girls will be hired and trained based on their ability to properly please their male bosses – even if they do not realize it at first.

Stage: Execution

The former HR executive is taking well to her new role as office girl tamer. A Status review shows amazing progress in implementing a program of female demotions with the girls being provided with the structured environment and proper male guidance required by the weaker sex.

Stage: Regulation

Any decent female personal manager knows that girls should always be kept on a tight electronic leash.

Password prompts to access digital devices are:
Kelly: spoiled brat
Flick: stick with tits
Marcy: his pet lezzie

Stage: Adjustment

Time to complete the transformation of the repurposed former female executives.  Fortunately Selectacorps medical experts can offer treatments such as reducing female intelligence to a more practical level or reorienting their sexuality and adjusting their sense of self.