Power. Politics. Control. Adult gaming on a grander scale.

Our Vision

SelectaCorp makes adult NSFW strategy/role playing games & interactive fiction. Where much of the industry uses artwork to represent their fantasy world, we build ours with actual women and actual models and develop stories that go far deeper than racking up points and unlock animations.

SelectaCorp games are about more than sex. Become a man of power and prestige, teaching and forcing the women around to be subservient and submissive. Climb the corporate ladder or run a guerilla rebellion. The kind of power you take is up to you.

Join SelectaCorp

And we mean taking power in more ways than one. Our games give you a unique experience, but we also look to our players to guide, direct, and contribute to our future products. Our supporters vote on content, share ideas, and test builds. If you join our Patreon, you can play a real part in the experiences we build next.

Don’t wait any longer. Start your rise to the top and build your harems today.

Words From Our Founder

I have been developing dark and disturbing adult content for many years, first as fiction writing  (under ‘Marlissa’ and ‘Georg Kinaski’), then as magazine publishing (PA Magazine), then as interactive fiction (SelectaCorp Files) and most recently in the form of strategy games. I prefer a sophisticated and mature approach to erotica that focuses more on psychology than the physical.

When I first starting hunting for interesting adult games, it seemed to me there was a gap in the market. There are lots of great adult hentai games and vid-based games out there but not many strategy games as such. And whilst there are lots of great text-based or RAGS-type games, the UI never much appealed to me personally. I also noticed a scarcity of darker themed games that touched on realistic non consensual scenarios. So, I decided to make my own game– Corporate Raider 1. It is set in the universe I had created for my interactive fiction– that of SelectaCorp and PA Magazine. That’s a dystopian corporatist world set in the ‘day after tomorrow’. I learned a lot about game theory, design and execution and had a lot of help and guidance from supporters and fans. It encouraged me to do Corporate Raider Two and then Corporate Raider Three.

In the course of this self appointed insanity, I discovered two things. First, it was a lot of work! It takes enormous amounts of time to do a game single handedly and to do it well. Second, I found I loved it and especially loved the connection with fans. It was a combination of both of these that made me think there was a way to combine a passion with a community and find a way to fund even more ambitious projects. That’s why I set up shop  Patreon.

The Support I have received have allowed me to set up this website as well as a forum but mostly it has allowed me to fund a better user experience. I will use pledges to do things I couldn’t do otherwise, such as commission custom content and recruit technical assistance. Second, whilst the content will continue to be free, your support will be rewarded with an enhanced patron experience and you’ll be part of a community of like-minded epicures of erotica. I don’t anticipate we’ll have a huge community– but it will be composed of the kinds of like minded people who enjoy our peculiarly dark kinks.

If you choose to support my ongoing efforts, you’ll be part of all this and I look forward to engaging with you. Thanks for your consideration.