From the beginning members, supporters and friends of Selectacorp have come up with their own stories, articles and even interactive fiction set in the Selectacorp universe

Patronus magazine is a spiritual successor to PA-magazine and is a gentleman’s magazine published in the Commonwealth of the State of the Union game sometimes after the players succeeds in overthrowing the feminist Premier.

Ryder has made his own interactive fiction using the same tools as Selecta himself. He would like to offer you a chance to participate in this very special investment opportunity

Spartacus have created an intriguing corporate-companion-program. The morale and well being of their employees is very important to the executive leadership team at Sindan. And they are proud to present the new Corporate Companion Program to help company moral.

Mrs G has authored an epic 24 part story entitled “The Taking of the Pelham 1,2,3” In addition to her opus she has written a small vignette entitled Lost and Alone

Charlesryder has written a exec2Sec transformation story called Prospero. A tale about a high flying female executive returning from a vacation to find her company under new leadership.

Rondonvolante has created Office Pools and You. An intriguing PowerPoint presentation about how to manage a pool of office girls.

She has also created a fascinating board game about rising to the top called The Corporate Life