Plot your path through the corporate jungle, conquer the women in your way, and retrain them as your personal Executive Perks!

Corporate Raider 1: Battle for the Branch Office

In the first installment of the Corporate Raider series, you assume the role of a Management Trainee with a hidden agenda. To complete it, you need to grab a rung on the corporate ladder and climb. There will be obstacles and challenges, especially in the form of Susan Granger, Branch Office Manager, but you can get her to kneel if you make the right moves.

Corporate Raider 2: Invasion of Operations

You have ascended to mid-level management, but Tracey Bledsoe stands in your way of rising any further. To take control of the critical Operations Department, you must assert your dominance by gathering more power and teach Tracy to be submissive to your commands.

Corporate Raider 3: Subjugation of the Corporation

Your opportunity has arrived: Ruthlessly take over the company and institute your own style of rules, all whilst operating as an agent of SelectaCorp, a shadowy organization involved in ‘human capital transfer.’ You’ll need to sabotage, manipulate, bribe, and intimidate your way into the heart of the company, adding more female colleagues to your ‘harem’ as you rise up the echelons of the corporate hierarchy.

Corporate Raider 3: DormLife DLC

Players demanded to see more of the junior girls in Corporate Raider 3, so we expanded your options with the executive secretarial team with this DLC pack. These women were already born to serve, but how far can you push them for your own ends?