Preparing a mother-daughter pair for sale

There are limits which define us. For a few, such limits are merely challenges for the bored and jaded…and utterly debauched. The Demeter Declension offers such a challenge. Can you break the bounds and refashion the limits that define the bond between mother and daughter? Can you twist that bond tight enough to snap it and re-tie it into a bow of submission and degradation? Take the Demeter Declension challenge and test your own limits now.

Bsically a simple slave trainer were the objective is to coerce a mother-daughter pair by means of rewards, punishments and sexual training. A continuation of the The Persephone Progression were we learn the final fate of a captured mother and daughter.

This story features the characters from Exe2Sec:Suits to skirts and is assumed to take place just after the game. Think of it as an Epilogue of sorts.