Set your household in order as you learn the tricks of the slave trade

Train your wife to please, your step daughter to tease. and your career rival to heel. Push them all to the edge of submission and beyond.

Mysteria Lane is an adult strategy game that contains explicit dark, sexual themes. The game is set in Harmony Heights, a modern small town with more than a few secrets. You, your wife, and your step daughter have just moved to town and reside on Mysteria Lane, the town’s dress parade address.

From your new home, you can explore the town and begin interacting, eavesdropping and even spying on his new neighbors. Once you learn who is behind the order of the town, you can take the opportunity to make your own mark on Harmony Heights, starting with your own wife and step daughter and extending your vision to your former colleague and professional rival.

If you succeed in taking control of all the women in your life, you might be offered in position in the organization whose influence extends far beyond Harmony Heights.