Collaboration between Spartacus and Selecta showing how Selectacorp has evolved as seen through the eyes of an FBI agent they have recruited. This tale is a departure from the usual Selectacorp approach in that it goes for a more gritty and realistic approach to storytelling. Less erotica – more depth.

It was not originally conceived that way.  The first draft of the story was sexier but less realistic and is worth reading for those more interested in the erotica aspect.

#1: Agent in Place

Agent Long is recruited by means of an irresistible prize before beginning a long and profitable career working for two masters.

#2: Agent in Play Heart & Seoul

An insufferable political correct female superior. The mysteriously disappeared daughter of an old friend of the family. A possible AI in the deep web. Just some of the complications facing Agent Long as he moves into the Washington office of the FBI.

#3: Agent at Bay Better Judgement

A visit to the belly of the beast, making new friends, an unexpected reunion– and tracking the trail of a new adversary.

#4 Agent at Work Code of Knots

The sad fate of a recently procured girl poses both practical and ethical issues. Turns out there are things even Selectacorp finds distasteful.

#5 Agent At Large Risk Management

More shenanigans in the Swamp.  Politicians behaving badly and the coeds they prey on. A surprisingly personal twist for Agent Long as he actually helps a girl escape Selectacorp’s clutches.