Complete the revolution

Spoils of War 2 is an ambitious sequel that seeks to build onto the ideas in the original, creating a fully fleshed-out 4X experience that pushes the gameplay and sexual content much further than any other Selectacorp game to date.

You play as a rebel leader during a post-colonial revolution tasked with taking over the Dominion of Primeva. As you grow, so too will your tech, policies and power over your ever-expanding captive population. However, with great power also comes great internal opposition.

Do you have what it takes to subjugate the world and keep rebellions of your own at bay? Will you be a benevolent king or rule with an iron fist? The choices are entirely up to you.

Also, we have finally changed up our game engine! Spoils of War 2 is developed in Unity, and we brought on an experienced Unity developer to help with its creation.

The finished game is currently available  in 4 flavours- Win32, Win64, OsX and Linux:…………

Spoils of War 2 feature commissioned work by live action models much like many of our more recent titles.


There is a lot of material sketching out the World Building material. You can take a look at some news magazines from the in-game universe, read full lenght a novel set during the great correction or read up on the history of Primeva.

For the purists out there who want it all here is a very BIG file (6+ gbs) that includes all the reward content in the game– images & vids you get when certain conditions met. There are some excel spreadsheets that detail reward requirements. You can ignore the Photoshop files as all the png files are available in the folder.…ntent.rar/file

There is a great deal of multimedia material with a sample found in the gallary below.