A mother and daughter trapped in a web that ever tightly ensnares them into slavery and binds them to a taboo future-- it's the Persephone Progression

Nearing the end of his life the main character from Exe2Sec:Suits to skirts reflect on the course of his life and the choices he made.

Triumph can liberate you.

Great suffering can free you even more

I have experienced both, and if you are viewing this, I have been granted the ultimate liberation, though whether for my sins or virtues, I can no longer be sure. Probably both. One can only withstand the tsunami for so long before succumbing to the waves. No one knows this better then I.

I ask for nothing. Not understanding, nor empathy, approval or any other gift of your valueless judgment. For this statement is not made for you but for her.

I owe her that much. You see, she is the mother of my fate. She deserves her rightful place in this rightful adjudication of my soul, if I still have one.

This story features the characters from Exe2Sec:Suits to skirts and is assumed to take place just after the game. Think of it as an Epilogue of sorts.