Do real estate the selectacorp way, and do some women along the way

An experience for the ultimate voyeur– peek into the lives of your apartment dwellers and make decisions that will change the course of their lives forever! In Rent Control, your clients will hire you to follow and guide women by spying and manipulating them.

This game literally broke the platform. We no longer had a machine capable of editing the source file because of the memory reqs and had to ask for help in getting the final version out. I was also waiting on contributed content which didn’t happen. It was the whole Rent Control drama that tipped the decision to move to Unity and work with an external designer. That said, the game is about 95% complete and you can have fun with it. Because of the existing obligations, I don’t plan on re-visiting it at this time. I do think there is reasonable gameplay and I learned a LOT that is now finding it’s way into CMan.