Classic SelectorCorp files on recruitment and retraining of high quality female product

The original case files. Please note that these are older works so the interface tends to be somewhat outdated and they are without sound.


ARCANA 3: Cherry Blossoms

Early Arcana file covering the acquisition of the Fox family on behalf of a Japanese client. A simple little bread and butter mission for Selectorcorp.

ARCANA 6: Honeymoon Interrupted

Selection and delivery of a wedding gift to the Middle East. Quite a romantic customer. He is marrying his Saudi princess and wants to give her the perfect gift: An American financial analyst as her pretty new maid.

ARCANA 9: South of the Border

The disappearance of a DEA agent. A special order placed by the Mexican drug cartels. After a harsh interrogation she is given the choice of becoming a drug-addicted whore or die as a DEA agent.

ARCANA 30: Back to School

A deal involving an Indian magnate, a senior class and a passion for the game

ARCANA - Private File #1

A fascinating look into the private life of a Selectorcorp operative’s life and that of a repurposed stepdaughter.

A continuation from Arcana 30, it returns to an examination of Kristen’s life– a 21 year old woman fated to be 13 for the forseeable future.

ARCANA 34: Anchor's Away

Powerful television anchorwoman Miranda Wise thinks she is in a position to challenge male power in the media world. Luckily Selectarcorp is on hand to avert the dangers of runaway female empowerment.

ARCANA 37: Hedge Fun

It is the EEOC versus Audacious Capital, a hedge fund goliath. SelectCorp is there to tip the scales however in another corporate restructuring effort – this time in response to complaints about sexual harassment. Thanks to our efforts a much healthier sexual climate is quickly established.

ARCANA 41: Middle East Mischief

Selectacorp’s brand of shuttle diplomacy; Selectacorp as the ultimate Middle East peacemaker? Logical really, the odd bushfire war might be good for business but once people starts throwing nukes around somebody really has to step up.

ARCANA 42: Hooray for Hollyweird

A recently legally emancipated teen celeb finds her star falling quickly and a rather difficult nice needs to learn to accept proper supervision of her life.

ARCANA 47: Decoding An Infinite Descent

A guinea pig’s struggle for dignity.

WARNING: implied suicide and euthanasia; not for everyone