I built an earlier universe called PA Magazine and had written some fiction and so had some experience in designing a world. Off that foundation, I began designing some basic games that make you the player a SelectaCorp agent. The first were a family of three games called Corporate Raider (and you can play them all for free—they’re in the various Sub-menues) where your mission is a gradual hostile takeover of a company. The next was a deviation called Spoils of War, a wargame where you conquer and enjoy the ‘spoils’ you capture. That was followed by Mysteria Lane, which is the origin story for the player and shows how the player first becomes a Selecta agent, and in the process enslaves his wife, his step-daughter and his business rival. The most recent focus is Celesta U: Degrees of Depravity, where you take over a women’s college and begin instituting your own regime changes.